About Cheryl

Have you have moved and needed to start over in a different city? Have you ever had a job that you knew was not the right fit for you? Have you ever planned to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence? I have done all of the above. As a result, I have had several careers in my life, and each has taught me a lot about the world and even more about myself.

When I entered the workforce, I knew that my generation was expected to have between 5 and 7 careers. This small bit of knowledge has helped me weather the transitions between research jobs at a university, years in corporate America, running a real estate investment business, a stint as a stay-at-home mom, and lots and lots of non-profit work. Through it all, I have learned how much I love working with people. My twisting, turning journey is the great adventure that has brought me here to do work that I love. I’m a coach and I always have been no matter my job title.

As a coach, I get to partner with people to create plans and strategies to reach their goals. My clients are usually considering changing careers or re-entering the workforce. I see greatness in people, sometimes before they see it in themselves. I help people believe in themselves and their big, scary, wonderful dreams. Above all, I am grateful that people allow me into their lives to help them move from where they are to where they want to be in a way that feels right for them.

Outside of my days spent coaching I love to travel, hike, read, and find adventures with my family. If you are interested in making changes in your life or business, if you are ready to work hard and have fun, I would love to be your coach!

About You

You are bright, creative, ambitious, and looking for what’s next.  You may be in the midst of changing companies or careers. Perhaps you are re-entering the workforce after an extended leave. Perhaps you are a new small business owner figuring out how to manage your new adventure. Maybe you are looking for a way to connect to joy in unpleasant circumstances and to feel fulfilled in complicated situations. No matter your circumstances, you are likely seeking a partner, an accountability coach, and most importantly a champion for your cause.

If this sounds like you, then I may be the coach to help you navigate the changes in your life and to come out the other side stronger, more focused, and more confident than ever. I’d love to speak with you during a free Discovery Session to explore what coaching can do for you. Do you want a different life? Let’s chat!